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What is Mobile Advertising or Mobile Marketing Kerala?

Mobile Advertising or Mobile Marketing provides brands, agencies and marketers the opportunity to connect consumers directly on their mobile phones.

Companies/Organizations/Advertisers used to advertise their products on News Papers, TVs, Radios, Web Sites etc. Same as they advertise on these channels, WAP-ADS advertise their products on Mobile Phones – Mobile Sites, Mobile Apps, Search Ads on Search Engines like Google on Mobiles etc.


Types of Mobile Ads:

Types of Mobile ads - mobile advertising kerala

Advantages-300x240Advantages of Mobile Advertising

The best part in mobile advertising or mobile marketing is that the mobile phone is an extremely personal device and this makes mobile phone is a precisely targeted communication channel where users are highly engaged with content.

  • Mobile internet usage is expected to exceed desktop internet usage by end of 2015.
  • Millions of customers search for local information while on the go.
  • Mobile advertising or mobile marketing methods generates a higher response rate than most other methods.
  • The viral nature of mobile marketing or mobile advertising can help you quickly reaches the masses.
  • Mobile marketing or mobile advertising puts you right in front of your target audience.
  • Best option to grow your local business as you can do even narrow targeting.



Mobile Advertising marketing targeting

Ads Targeting Options in mobile advertising or mobile marketing

We offer more narrowed targeting for the Mobile Ads which can allow the mobile ads to show to the exact users and also will have high engagement possibilities.

  • Location targeting – Country/State/City etc (We can show your Ad anywhere in the world as per your choice).
  • Operator targeting. (We can show your Ads on any operator in the world).
  • Handset targeting (We can show your Ads Mobile Handset Models, Tablets etc).
  • Category/interest wise targeting (For e.g.: If an advertiser need to target only on travel related sites or Apps, which is also possible as we show the ads only on those Sites/Apps).